Final Reports

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Recently Published

CSP346 - AWCMMP Component Project - Molecular Markers for Wheat Product Quality and Disease Resistance in the Northern Region - CSIRO Component

This project is one of a suite of four closely-linked projects which aimed to identify molecular markers for priority traits in the Northern Region. Specifically, this project aimed to identify molecular markers associated with quantitative trait loci (QTL) contributing to desirable quality characteristics including milling yield, flour colour and baking traits, and to root lesion nematode (RLN) resistance.

UWA00121 - Improved herbicide tolerance for break crops

Effective weed control is critical to profitable pulse production and largely depends on herbicides. Pulses generally have inadequate herbicide tolerance, resulting in poor weed control. This project aimed to improve herbicide tolerance in lupins, chickpeas and field peas for improved weed control.

DAW709 - Develop and deliver sound agronomic solutions to the key constraints for canola production in the Western Region

This project showed the level of canola yield responses to key yield limiting factors of length of growing season, disease, soil type and nutrition. It is possible to manage these factors through choosing adapted varieties, early time of sowing, varieties with good disease tolerance along with fungicide use, shallow ripping of sandy and duplex soils and application of potassium (K) and sulphur (S) fertilisers.

AGT20 - Screening Off Patent Chemistry to Develop Herbicide Systems for Resistant Weed Management in Broad Acre Cropping Systems

This project was initiated to develop alternative herbicide strategies for control of a range of weed species in broadacre cropping. The aim of developing alternative herbicides, mixtures and new formulation technology is to provide growers with safe, robust and sustainable herbicide systems that will ensure the longevity of the major herbicide groups in farm crop rotations.

UWS28 - Western Farming Systems Project: On-farm research

This was one of three sub-projects combined under the New South Wales (NSW) Western Farming Systems (WFS) project that targeted improvements in grain-based farming systems in the NSW north-west agro-ecological zone.