Final Reports

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Recently Published

DAW753 - Grains pest management for changing farming systems in high rainfall areas

The adoption of low tillage farming systems has led to the emergence of new insect, mite and mollusc pests. This project has focused on assessing the risks, developing cultural and chemical controls and providing information to growers and support providers.

UQ00026 - AWCMMP - Component ET8: Pedigree-based genome mapping for marker-assisted selection and recurrent parent recovery in wheat and barley

This project has investigated and developed systems for implementing marker-assisted selection (MAS) in order to improve the efficiency of selection and increase the rate of genetic gain in breeding programs.

UQ137 - Codon usage/tRNA matching: a novel method of regulation in plants

The aim of this project was to test if alternative codons encoding the same amino acid are equally well translated in different plant tissues, and to identify the best translated codons in Arabidopsis leaf and root cells.

GBA00002 - Australian Winter Cereal Molecular Marker Program - Component: Implementation, Grain Biotech Australia

Grain Biotech Australia Pty Ltd (GBA) embraced marker technology and routine, cost-effective, high-throughput (HTP) marker screening. One hundred and fourteen wheats were screened with seven markers.

AGN00004 - Develop & refine agronomic packages to maximise the genetic potential of new wheat varieties for improved farm profitability in Sthn NSW

This project improved the efficiency of varietal selection by independently evaluating a range of current, newly released and about to be released wheat varieties. The varieties were analysed under an economic framework, ranking variety performance based on quality and profitability.