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The subject matter of the reports presented here may have been revisited or may have been wholly or partially superseded in subsequent work funded by GRDC or others. Please check the date of publication and refer to our Policy section before making any decisions based on the content of these reports. Before being able to view any of the Final Reports, you will be asked to accept the Report Disclaimer.

Recently Published

CSA00035 - Tools for GRDC project evaluation: ADOPT and BENEFIT

GRDC was seeking quantitative and objective means by which to assess ex-ante the proposed benefits of projects before they are funded. This project has developed two tools to assist in project evaluation, planning and development at the regional level.

DAW00201 - Identification and characterization of disease suppressive soils in the Western Region

The main aim of this project was to identify, confirm and characterise cereal disease suppressive sites in Western Australia (WA) to rhizoctonia root rot (Rhizoctonia solani AG8), take-all (Gaeumannomyces graminis var.

CSA00037 - Reassessing the value and use of fixed nitrogen

The aim of this project was to communicate to growers the value of fixed nitrogen (N) from legume crops and pastures in modern farming systems. The research developed an economic tool to value fixed N.

MCV00034 - Multi-week Climate Outlook Products for Australia (Phase II)

The 'Multi-week Climate Products' project aimed to capitalise on improving skills in multi-week forecasting from dynamical climate models and deliver trial products for selected users. Monthly outlooks were produced, tested and publicly released as part of a major rebuild of the Bureau of Meteorology's (BoM) seasonal outlook service.

CSP00139 - Novel solutions for managing non-wetting soils

Water repellent soils constrain agricultural production in southern and south western Australia, affecting 10 million hectares of arable land.This project: 1. Delivered to GRDC a review on management options for water repellent soils, which was also published in a peer reviewed journal;and demonstrated that: 2.

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