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Recently Published

CSE00012 - NIR spectroscopic changes in stored grain

The project investigated the potential application of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) to detect quality changes in wheat, barley and canola with storage. Changes in NIR spectra were low in grain stored at low temperatures and moisture contents, but increased in grain stored under more adverse conditions.

CSE00011 - Development of ethyl formate formulation and application technology for grain inloading/in situ/outloading treatment

The principal aim was to provide new ethyl formate# based formulations and fumigation methods for: 1) grain growers as alternatives to replace dichlorvos# for inloading and outloading treatments and also to replace carbon disulfide# and phosphine# for in situ fumigation, and 2) bulk handlers as alternative fumigants to replace methyl bromide# and phosphine for several reasons; the phasing out of methyl bromide under the Montreal protocol, phosphine is unsuitable for rapid fumigation and increased economically significant resistance to phosphine in several species of stored product pests.

CSE00004 - A quality evaluation of heat treated barley and canola, and a measure of the heat susceptibility of Trogoderma variable

The GRDC identified the need to reduce chemical residues in grain though physical methods of insect control. One method is heat. Project CSE147 determined the economics of certain heat processes using wheat and showed no adverse effects on grain quality.

CSA00038 - GRDC Environmental Audit for the Northern Region

The report presents an environmental stocktake of the northern grains production region. The environmental performance across the region was evaluated against a set of key environmental performance indicators that encompass resource stewardship via soil health and dryland salinity, environmental health via pest presence and biodiversity, and system leakage via water quality measures.

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