Final Reports

The subject matter of the reports presented here may have been revisited or may have been wholly or partially superseded in subsequent work funded by GRDC or others. Please check the date of publication and refer to our Policy section before making any decisions based on the content of these reports. Before being able to view any of the Final Reports, you will be asked to accept the Report Disclaimer.

Recently Published

UWA314 - Incorporation of pea weevil resistance into a cultivar field pea

The project research has led to the development of pre-breeding material containing pea weevil resistance genes, providing a naturally derived resistance source for use by pea breeders. The aim of the project was to produce one pea weevil resistant line to third backcross by transferring resistance genes from Pisum fulvum, a wild pea species, into cultivated field peas.

UWA369 - Agro-ecology of small-flowered mallow (Malva parviflora) in Western Australian farming systems

This project investigated the agro-ecology of Malva parviflora, a weed of Australian agricultural systems that is becoming a serious threat. It has shown that plants grow, flower and set seeds quickly and seeds rapidly become hard-seeded, so there is only a narrow opportunity to prevent seeds entering the seed bank.

UWA366 - International collaboration in the collection of germplasm of herbaceous perennial legumes and rhizobia with which to develop plant solution

The project was conceived on the basis that, to develop new perennial forage legumes, particularly those adapted to acid soils in low rainfall environments, there was a need to explore regions with plant material not well represented in genebanks.

DAN00183 - Irrigated Faba Beans - a profitable crop for irrigators in the Southern Region

This faba bean industry scoping study reviewed the current knowledge of growing faba beans in southern Australia under full irrigation and identified research and development (R&D) priorities. A literature review and consultation with leading growers, agronomists and a faba bean breeder led to the identification of agronomy and crop protection issues within irrigated systems.

SDI00009 - Quick and Dirty Variable Rate Day

Following the completion of the South East Premium Wheat Growers Association's (SEPWA’s) research on how mobile devices such as the iPad could assist in the adoption of precision agriculture (PA), the Regional Cropping Solutions Network (RCSN) – GRDC group asked SEPWA to run an information day on variable rate (VR) The capacity of sixty growers and 20 agribusinesses improved in using yield maps, biomass imagery, strategic soil sampling to assess paddock constraints on iPad and mapping application software.