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Recently Published

SFS00013 - Co-ordination of GRDC's High Rainfall Zone Investment

The overall objectives of this project were to stimulate national coordination of grains research and development (R&D) in the High Rainfall Zones (HRZ). Greater coordination was sought within and between regions, with a specific desire to strengthen collaboration between researchers and growers in the HRZ of south eastern (SE) Australia and their counterparts in the HRZ of south western (SW) Australia.

PIG00003 - Partners in Grain

Partners in Grain (PinG) is an established highly successful national network identifying and ensuring access to and delivery of professional development opportunities to grain growers. PinG has a strong focus on young grain growers and partners in farming businesses and recognises that these two groups are integral to the success of farming businesses but are often not present at mainstream delivery of programs.

UA00081 - Determining the benefits of fluid fertilisers on neutral and acidic soils in eastern and western Australia

This project aimed to identify the soil characteristics where fluid fertilisers were likely to be more effective than granular products, and to demonstrate and compare these fertilisers in field experiments in Western Australia (WA) and New South Wales (NSW).

DAW00101 - Evaluation and selection of high quality Brassica breeding lines for short season environments of Western Australia

The Western Australian (WA) oilseed industry can increase by 100,000ha in the low rainfall areas by having improved early maturity varieties of either canola or mustard. The improved varieties also have higher oil and protein concentrations, which strengthens their demand in the marketplace.

CSP00077 - CSIRO Pre-breeding Gateway: Germplasm development and validation of novel traits for Australian wheat breeding

This project built on germplasm and marker trait associations developed through GRDC, Graingene and CSIRO-funded projects and targeted delivery of these to national wheat breeding programs. Germplasm was developed and released for improved water use efficiency (WUE) through traits including reduced tillering, high early vigour and increased coleoptile length with use of alternative dwarfing genes.

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